Furniture manufacturer from Gdańsk - www.stipameb.com. It started its activity in 2018. The decision to open the company was preceded by several years of experience working as a designer and custom furniture maker. Passion for working with furniture resulted in the creation of a stable and recognizable brand in Gdańsk, Pomeranian Voivodeship.

How do we design furniture?

Every project starts with an interview - a conversation with the client. Together with the client, we try to answer the question of what kind of furniture project they expect. Should the implementation be modern or classic? What color scheme should be used for individual elements such as countertops, fronts, cabinet sides, etc.? Or perhaps the client is expecting something original? Our design team is here to translate the client's expectations into a computer project.

How do we produce kitchen furniture?

Our furniture is produced in a carpentry workshop in Gdańsk. We constantly invest in our workshop by purchasing new machinery and equipment.

We are open to cooperation!

We are open to cooperation with interior design projects, architects, home staging professionals, and all other individuals operating in the real estate market. We will consider every possibility of collaboration!

Why should you entrust your dream furniture to us?


Quality comes with a price, but when it comes to long-term investments, it's worth placing a bet on quality. Our years of experience in furniture manufacturing translate into the highest quality of our products and services for you.

Convenience of Service

As a trusted company in the market, we ensure that all details regarding your order, such as precise room measurements, color and material selection, cabinet layout, as well as payment and delivery schedules, are clear and leave no room for doubt. When you place an order with us, you can count on it being executed according to your specifications.

Creative Designs

Furniture production is a craft, but furniture design is an art. We are also furniture designers, which means that the pieces we create not only boast functionality but also have their own character and soul. After all, we all seek inspiration, and the interiors we inhabit influence our well-being.


We have hundreds of successful projects, countless conversations with clients, and numerous installations behind us. We know how to realize furniture not only with great quality but also optimally cost-effective for the customer. We understand that every centimeter counts in our work.


We are aware that delays in delivery can cause problems and inconveniences for everyone, such as postponing a move, renovation, or blocking other work, and it can also affect the schedules of other renovation teams. That's why we always guarantee delivery within the agreed-upon timeframe. It's a matter of honor for us.

Reason to be Proud!

We are convinced that by choosing us (inviting guests into your home), you will take pride in your stylishly furnished furniture. Visitors to your interiors will be amazed.

The continuously developing carpentry workshop has allowed us to offer you ready-made models of loft and industrial furniture: desks, TV cabinets for televisions, shelves, double shelves, dressers, record player and vinyl record dressers, cabinets, and bedside tables. We warmly invite you to order our furniture. If you have any questions, we are here to assist you.